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I Preach, I Pray, I Prophesy, I Help Women of Faith, Become Purposeful, Powerful and Profitable in the Marketplace & Ministry.

I love equipping, empowering, encouraging, preaching, prophesying, and coaching people forward. I've served in key leadership roles for more than 30 years, and traveled nationwide itinerantly, preaching messages of healing, deliverance, and hope. I've seen miracles and breakthroughs, as well as, recurring cycles that people go through and the stagnation that occurs once the breakthrough happens. I became frustrated with that cycle and began seeking God in prayer for the missing piece. 


It was then that I began feeling called to the Marketplace, specifically in the area of motivational speaking and coaching, and found it to be a great way to provide skills to partner with the spiritual breakthrough people received, enabling them to go from where they are in their lives, to where they want to be.


Subsequently, I became a Certified Professional Coach and established Empowered Living Coaching & Consulting and later added a Certified Christian Life Coach certification in order to target my specific area of influence. That area being, women of faith who aspired to walk out a fuller expression of their purpose, by learning how to profit from their passion, using their gifts, talents, skills, and anointing, without feeling like they are compromising their faith. business, As the Dream ActivateHer™, I help women wake up to their dreams, and realize they can do more than preach, pray and prophesy.  They can be prosperous!  I facilitate that mission through my signature Dream LaunchHer Academy™, VIP ActivateHer Weekends™, Individual Coaching packages, MAM Mentorship program and a myriad of online and live classes, held for the aspiring and emerging entrepreneur. I'm thankful for the lives, ministries, and businesses that have been impacted through my ministry and marketplace gifts.


 Are You Next?


I look forward to preaching and or speaking for your upcoming event and serving as your coach and

Dream ActivateHer™  

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