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Dr. Joyce Gilmer

Preacher | Author | Speaker

Ministry & Marketplace Coach

Dream ActivateHer™

Dr. Joyce Gilmer has more than 30 years of ministerial experience, and travels the nation, as a Keynote Speaker, preacher, and prophetic voice delivering empowering messages of hope and healing that ignite permanent change.

She is a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Christian Life Coach, Coach Trainer, Dream ActivateHer™ and Purpose Accelerator™.  She is a developer of the potential in others with an affinity for helping the faith-based community to tap into their gifts, talents, and skills, in order to produce a profit from their passion, so they can walk in a fuller expression of their purpose. As a result, they are able to accomplish their dreams in life, business, and ministry. 

As CEO of Empowered Living Coaching & Consulting, she helps aspiring female entrepreneurs tap into multiple streams of income, by identifying, mobilizing, and monetizing their God-given gifts, talents, and skills. 

She integrates a decade of corporate knowledge, a passion for social media, innovative idea development, prophetic insight, and coach training, to lead clients from where they are to where God wants them to be.  To that end, she is known as the Dream ActivateHer™, for her ability to wake women of faith up, to the potential that lies within them.

"God wants us to be purposeful, powerful, and profitable.

You can absolutely preach, pray, prophesy and be prosperous." 

Dr. Joyce Gilmer


Equipping You to Become:


Books By Dr. Joyce


National Speaker and Certified Christian Life Coach Joyce Gilmer, transparently draws from her own story to lead women on a journey to discovering the healing power of God for the emotional wounds in their lives. With a thoughtful and restorative approach you are led on a delicate, yet authentic path toward healing and deliverance from strongholds, that hold you bound to past failures, wounds, and mistakes..


The central message is to encourage anyone who is struggling with becoming whole, that God still has a plan for your life!


Decrees are God’s way of equipping those who believe, to prophetically call what is seen in the spiritual realm, into alignment with His established word and promises. When rooted in faith and partnered with action, decrees activate the power of agreement, and causes what is loosed in heaven to be loosed on earth.


Through prophetic decrees, new hope is revealed, faith is renewed, and our destinies are secured. This journal is your power-aid to help you settle in this truth. 




With a 30 year background in ministry as a leader and nationwide preaching and prophetic voice, Dr. Joyce

lends her gifts to to travel the nation as a revivalist, conference speaker, and workshop presenter in live

and online spaces.

Her prophetic sound and spiritual acuity equip her to preach powerful messages aimed at encouraging the

heart and, setting the captive free. It is her purpose to

remind others, God has not forgotten about them and it's never too late for God to do what he said he would do in their lives. 



As CEO of Empowered Living Coaching & Consulting,

Certified Christian Life Coach & Coach Trainer, she shows up as the Dream ActivateHer™ with her purpose, passion, profit model, offering women of faith, group and VIP coaching programs and services. As a result, they are able to shift from where they are in their business and ministry, to a place they believe God desires them to be.  

Partnering her prophetic insight with practical strategies, her coaching is aimed at helping clients to mobilize and monetize their ideas and dreams and walk out a fuller expression of their purpose, in ministry and marketplace.



As a Keynote Speaker and author, Dr. Joyce has graced numerous media platforms and stages including; television, radio, podcasts, conferences, summits, and retreats. 

Audiences appreciate Dr. Joyce's candid, humorous, yet compassionate delivery style, which engages and catapults listeners into new ways of thinking and being. 

Signature Topics Include:

Wake Up to Your Dreams

Profit from Your Passion

Perplexed About Purpose

Mastering YOUR Ministry

Your Gift Has Made Room

Wounded Hearts Can Heal

Reframe Your World With Words



As a powerful teacher, Dr. Joyce hosts classes onsite and online that are aimed at encouraging, empowering, and equipping attendees in the areas of the prophetic, clarifying purpose and turning passion into profit, by monetizing ones' God-given gifts.


All courses are intended to build, train and equip students in the development of launching their dreams, to increase their influence, impact and income.  

The Dream LaunchHer Academy™ is the signature program that facilitates this goal. As a partner of HIScoach Academy™, She also trains those who want to become certified as life coaches. 

Connect With Dr. Joyce at an Upcoming Event

Register & Meet Dr. Joyce at
These Upcoming Events!
February 4th-GCI Hybrid Leadership Summit 
March 18th
-Spring Forth Conference-Atlanta
April 14th-15th-Woman by Design Conference-Illinois
June 16-Daughters Come Forth-Atlanta
July 13th-Prophetic & Supernatural Series-Virtual
August 19th- The Be Bold Experience-Atlanta
August 24th-The Gifted Retreat-Nashville, TN
August 26th-3M Summit, Monroe, GA
October 20th-21st-Breakthrough Conference-Atlanta
January, 20th 2024-When Sisters Pray-Atlanta
April 6, 2024-Dream BuildHers Intensive-Alpharetta
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